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What are your pricing sources? Please give details.

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GAM has arranged a Price Source Agreement (PSA) with State Street Fund Services (Ireland) limited, the
delegate administrator for the fund. The PSA outlines the pricing hierarchy governing the valuation of all
instruments in the portfolio. It sets out the primary, secondary and tertiary (or more as applicable) price
sources to be applied to each instrument;
 Listed securities primary source is Thompson Reuters
 Fixed Income securities are priced using the evaluation mean price from Bloomberg BVAL, with
further sources available from Bloomberg BGN, IDC, Reuters and brokers where BVAL is unavailable
or not the more accurate representation of fair value.
 Prices of unlisted securities are sourced from external sources where possible or otherwise in
accordance with the terms of the relevant prospectus
 MARKIT is the primary source for the majority of OTC instruments
 Foreign exchange rates are sourced from Reuters
 Fund of fund holdings are priced using estimate prices received from external fund administrators and
fund managers and are subsequently compared to the official monthly NAV produced by the external
fund administrator for control purposes.

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